Mustangs Student Run Credit Union

Westfall Local School District is introducing a student-run credit union to K-12 students to promote financial literacy through a hands-on academic experience. This initiative aims to empower students with practical knowledge about finances while allowing them to gain work experience as employees within a banking setup while at school. 

The student-run credit union project is a partnership between Westfall Local School District and Atomic Credit Union to foster financial responsibility and prepare students for real-world banking scenarios. The credit union will provide an educational platform for students to learn about banking operations, customer service, and money management.

Starting in February 2024, students will begin financial literacy lessons to aid in the program; then, they will have the opportunity to apply for positions as tellers. Successful candidates will work once a week on Friday mornings to serve their peers under the supervision and guidance of an Atomic Credit Union employee, who will officially submit all transactions. Students interested in becoming tellers will be provided with an application to complete and undergo a selection process that includes an interview and training from an Atomic Credit Union employee.

The credit union will be set up in a common area of each building, accessible to students to visit and conduct banking transactions. Westfall Elementary will participate in the student-run credit union weekly on Fridays during breakfast, while middle and high school students will participate during their Flex period. 

As a welcome into the program, when students open a savings account through the student-run credit union, Atomic Credit Union will contribute $2 to each new student member account. Each member will also receive a money pouch to keep their transaction safe and organized. At division schools, ACU will award $500 scholarships to qualifying seniors with established accounts. The credit union experience will serve as a platform for practical learning and encourage students to consider future careers in finance or related fields.

This is a unique opportunity for Westfall Local Schools. As the first school in Pickaway County to participate in this program, the student-run credit union is expected to become a cornerstone of the school district's commitment to providing students with the tools they need to successfully navigate adulthood's financial aspects. 

For more information regarding the program, please visit Atomic Credit Union Student-Run Program